Col Fondo Bianco dei Colli Trevigiani IGT Frizzante DOC - Lucchetta Wine
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Col Fondo Bianco dei Colli Trevigiani IGT Frizzante DOC - Lucchetta Wine

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A wine with natural refermentation in the bottle produced with 100% Glera grapes of the precious Balbi biotype produced on the hilly terrain of the Lucchetta estate using the perspective of eco-sustainable agriculture; they are harvested by hand as soon as they have been overripe with differentiated harvesting and delivered directly to the cellar. Soft pressing of whole grapes and static decantation, fermentation at low temperature with selected yeasts; clarification of the wine in a natural way by racking; bottling in spring, froth in the bottle and resting on the yeast for at least five months.
The entire winemaking process is carried out with the help of the cold in order to preserve the fragrance and authenticity of the wine. A straw-yellow wine with greenish reflexes, fruity and floral with a wide aromatic picture of golden apple, cedar and acacia flowers, fresh and harmonious, very drinkable.

The natural refermentation in the bottle represents an ancient method to obtain sparkling and sparkling wines called "col fondo". The natural ferments (yeasts) present in the wine give complex aromas deriving from their lysis with the release of noble natural compounds that make the wine digestible, rich in vitamins and nutrients. The prosecco "col fondo" is a wine for amateurs, dry, light and drinkable with ancient tastes, the wine of the "veci" who have drunk it and know what they are doing with it.


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