Antique Valdobbiadene Prosecco Sparkling Refermented in Bottle - Col Sandago
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Antique Valdobbiadene Prosecco Sparkling Refermented in Bottle - Col Sandago

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Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Frizzante re-fermentation in DOCG bottles.
The unmistakable straw-yellow hue of the Prosecco reveals all of its vivacity in Antico: what enhances it is a fine and persistent froth, which although light does not escape the eye. In the glass the precious fresh and fruity notes of the grapes make room for the fragrant nuances released by the yeasts, giving Antico a characteristic aroma of "bread crust". Fresh and velvety is the effect on the palate, where this sparkling white wine is immediately well-structured, delicately mineral, while in the end it turns out to be dry and pleasantly bitter.
To be served between 8°C and 10°C, Antico can accompany the entire meal but in particular it wonderfully completes the typical cold cuts and sausages of the area, such as Sopressa trevisana.

There are many proposals of Col Sandago linked to the denomination D.O.C.G. Conegliano Valdobbiadene, among them, unique and unique is Antico a traditional Prosecco "col fondo". The transparency of the glass of the new bottle underlines, through the luminosity, precisely this peculiarity of the yeast sur lie deposit. A wine of the origins carefully cultivated and obtained by a process that entrusts it for two, three months to the action of natural yeasts that give it the typical nuances of the past, such as the characteristic bread crust.

TYPE: sparkling re-fermentation in the bottle.
UVE: Glera in purity
PRODUCTION AREA: farm vineyards in Col Sandago, in the municipality of Susegana (TV).
YIELD: 120
ASPECT: Straw yellow in colour, with a slight but noticeable fine and persistent froth.
BOUQUET: the fresh and fruity notes typical of Prosecco are added to the characteristic nuances of "bread crust" given by contact with yeast.
TASTE: fresh and velvety, dry and pleasantly bitter at the end, with good structure and delicately mineral.
PAIRINGS: excellent sparkling wine for the whole meal and fish dishes, it goes wonderfully with typical local cold cuts and sausages such as "Sopressa".
SERVING TEMPERATURE: cool just before use at 8-10°C.
Gently pour into a carafe separating the clear wine from the bottom. Recommended glass: medium sized white wine glass.
STORAGE: keep the bottles standing in a cool, dark place, avoiding long stops in the fridge.
FORMAT: 750 ml
Contains sulphites.


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