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          In 2010, together with my sister, the idea of starting the RosaNatale farm was born with the intention of carrying on the tradition and passion for the land of our parents, in particular the care with which for many years they have followed the cultivation of the vine, in vineyards located on the hills of Colbertaldo, a small hamlet in the municipality of Vidor, in the area of Prosecco Superiore di Valdobbiadene and Prosecco Doc Treviso.

          As children we didn't always appreciate having to go to the fields with mum and dad helping them in small jobs, like driving the tractor, removing the dried leaves around the bunches of grapes before the harvest so that the grapes would breathe better... but now when we grew up we found ourselves having exactly the same passion as our parents and with so much enthusiasm we set off on this adventure (it's us now to remove the dried leaves and it's our children who help us and who puff... life spins!!!!).

          And to confirm that life is really a spinning wheel in the end, the name we have chosen for the company is none other than that of our parents: Rose and Christmas.

          The activity in the vineyard, even if not yet with the organic method, tries to respect nature as much as possible following its rhythms.

          Rosa Natale

          Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG Extra Dry - Rosa Natale


          Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG Brut - Rosa Natale

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