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            A young and dynamic Italian wine family. Four generations of stories that tell an authentic Veneto: courageous, genuine, ready to cross the borders of Italy.Grandfather Antonio made his dream the certainty that the vine plant would be indissolubly and generously intertwined with the life of the family Borga. Genuine bunches that future generations would have picked in the September harvests. We observe, listen and intuit. Let's put what we have learned into practice. The new look is inspired by the combination of two concepts: on the one hand the tradition and experience handed down, on the other, our intrepid enthusiasm that has allowed us to bring the Borga brand to the fore in the contemporary wine world.

            The images of the new labels catch the eye by combining old photographs that portray our family members and their most significant objects, with splashes of color that enhance the black and white of the photographs themselves. As if to indicate the old that meets the new, they bring to light memories and traditions of our family, ready to be shared under a new perspective.

            Trust in the land has led us to revitalize our 34 hectares, paying close attention to each individual plot and its needs.

            Our commitment is aimed at respecting the climatic-environmental, cultural and phytosanitary peculiarities that distinguish the Marca Trevigiana.

            In the vineyard we adopt agronomic solutions for the defense of crops, with a view to a lower impact on humans and the environment, thus allowing us to obtain sustainable productions.

            Cantine Borga

            Prosecco Brut Millesimato DOC Treviso - Cantine Borga


            Prosecco Doc Treviso Sparkling - Cantine Borga


            Prosecco Extra Dry DOC Treviso - Cantine Borga

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